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Promotional Items

There are a few questions that every marketing team has to answer for:

Which promotional item does really make sense for my customers? What can I give away that will be used in every day life, where my advertising is seen as often as possible? When and how are promotional presents used? And last but not least – how expensive is it to create and produce an item that really fulfils all of my demands?

Give-aways like engraved pens or lanyard keychains have been a proper solution for several years now – they are the classics among promotional items.

But the times are changing, and better solutions have come up – one of them developed by INOTEC from Berlin. Their innovative product has it all: The Nano Pad is attractive, useful and long-lasting.


Although the car industry has developed numerous alternatives for the traditional glove department, the small dashboard trays still have several disadvantages: Any small things placed on them can easily shift around during driving, and sooner or later they will get lost somewhere in the car. So where do you put your cigarettes, lighter, mints, iPod, navigation devices, chewing gum, lipstick, pens, glasses, keys, mobile phone, headset or the change for the parking meter – in short: all those small things that you need ready at hand during a drive in your car? The answer is simple: Put them on the Nano Pad!

The pad, which is the size of a hand palm and comes in various colours, can be imprinted with advertising and is exceptionally handy thanks to nanotechnology. Its microscopically smoothly structured surface on both sides enables it to literally suck itself to any solid material – a principle comparable to that of velcro fastener.

Imprinted with your logo, it is the ideal promotional item – for car dealerships, banks, insurance companies, mobile phone providers or shops, clubs, restaurants and so many more. With the Nano Pad, you can make yourself visible and your customers happy at the same time!

Stuck on the dashboard, he Nano Pad holds anything placed on its even surface – even under rough conditions like fast driving or steep hills and curves. To remove it, you simply take it off the board. Thanks to the elaborated vacuum system, no traces will be left. Should the adhesive effect lessen after a while, just wipe off any stains with water and some washing-up liquid, and your pad will be ready for use again. Thanks to the durable material, no wearoff-signs will appear, which makes the Nano Pad a long-lasting and reliable helper - anywhere, anytime.